1. To promote, facilitate, and coordinate the efforts of the sugar planters, millers and workers relating to research and development in the:

  • production
  • processing
  • marketing
  • utilization
  • distribution
  • technological
  • management
  • financial
  • economic and
  • other aspects of the sugar industry

2. To encourage or undertake extension and support activities:

  • technical assistance
  • manpower training
  • advisory service
  • information dissemination

All activities are in favor of planters, millers, workers and others involved in said industry on an integrated, dynamic and sustained level, on its own, or in conjunction, collaboration or coordination with:

  • the Sugar Regulatory Administration (“SRA”)
  • its successors, or
  • advisory service

3. To promote the development and enhancing the viability and global competitiveness of the sugar industry and improving the lot of everyone involved in said industry.