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Integrated Soils Analytical Laboratory

Integrated Soils Analytical Laboratory

PHILSURIN operates a Soils Laboratory which is committed to serving planters by providing soil analysis. Routine soil analysis includes determination of pH, organic matter, phosphorus, potassium, calcium, magnesium and soil type. Occasionally, they provide information on cation exchange capacity, base saturation and minor elements upon request. Results are ready 7 to 11 working days after receipt of the samples.

In the crop year 2009-10, the total samples analyzed by the PHILSURIN Soils Analytical Laboratory was 1,595. In CY 2010-11, it dropped to 828 and in CY 2011-12, it again increased to 1,350. The average soil samples analyzed for the three crop years is 1,257 samples.

Since there are seven laboratories under the supervision of the Regional Soils Laboratory in Iloilo City that have the capability to do soil analysis in Region VI, PHILSURIN will continue what it has started to spearhead – the standardization of soil analysis procedures in the region with the aim of improving fertilizer recommendations. The soil laboratories of First Farmers, Lopez Sugar Corporation, Negros Prawn, DA Regional Soils Lab, and PHILSURIN agreed to use common extraction and detection procedures for analyses of soil nutrients. Other participating laboratories include SRA Bacolod, La Carlota, SRA-La Granja, Sagay Sugar Lab, VMC Farmers Cooperative, Provincial Feed & Meat Lab.

The analytical laboratory offers the following services:

  1. Basic soil analysis (soil pH, OM, P, K, Ca, and Mg);
  2. Fertilizer recommendation;
  3. Other soil micro elements;
  4. Textural and physical soil analysis;
  5. Caution Exchange Capacity (CEC)
  6. Percent base saturation;
  7. Cane juice analysis;
  8. Tissue analysis;
  9. Fertilizer analysis (chemical & organic).

The Soils Laboratory in Victorias is presently undergoing renovation of facilities and upgrading of equipment to cater to more soil samples for analysis.